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Agraharam Resort Wayanad

Agraharam Resorts is an exquisite jungle escapade in the sleepy village of Thirunelli. In the foothills of Brahmagiri , where the ripples of river Kalindhi and chants from Thirunelli Temple create an enchanted setting, this picturesque resort offers a serene and blissful sanctuary for couples and families seeking a flight from the chaos of the cities.

For the nature lovers the Jungle Safari is an opportunity to be enthralled by the abundance of nature and to get a glimpse of the rare populace of the animal species.

A plunge in the pristine waters of River Kalindhi, situated at a walking distance from the Resort can be soothing for the mind and the body.A river sidewalk through the pebbly trail could be a wonderful little hike at affords the great views of the river and the lush green forests.

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