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CGH Wayanad Wild Resort

Wayanad Wild is indeed a rare holiday where you get to meet nature in an unseen, unsullied and untamed manner! The forest is your constant companion, peeping in through your windows or assigning a pretty butterfly to eavesdrop on your lively chatter upon the balcony. To those smitten by raw nature, your experience starts with a 3.5 km off-road ride to reach the forest lodge, even the pool offers front row seats to the unusual spectacles of the forest around.

Woods and Whistles – explore the wild

Take a guided tour of our property with our naturalist to learn about local flora and fauna. Or be adventurous and trek out in the wilderness with our naturalist to experience the wild first hand. Do some bird-watching at the canopy or meander along with the streams. If you are a photography enthusiast, remember there’s a treasure trove of natural beauty here waiting to be captured.
Subject to weather conditions.
Ages 12 years and above.

Explore the Elusive – night expedition

Tread into the darkness for a rendezvous with Wayanad Wild’s resident nocturnal friends. See the unseen during the night expedition with our Naturalist. As darkness falls, the wilderness comes alive and you can discover elusive creatures of the forest on a walk you will remember. Open for all residents.
Children below 12 must be accompanied by a parent.

Evening with the Naturalist

Spend a cosy evening chatting with our naturalists over coffee about everything Wayanad – Its people, cuisine, wildlife and much more! There’s a different topic every day, so check out the day’s topic of discussion on our Draco Club Bulletin Board

Bird Hunt

An interesting indoor Children’s activity to find out the names of the given birds from the chart with the help of a bird field guide (can be borrowed from Draco club library) and win amazing prizes. This can be done with a group of Children or even one Child. Guaranteed to induce their curiosity to observe birds around their balcony.

Curious Scientist

The world around us is fascinating. If you have ever been curious about what surrounds us, look closer to observe the microscopic protozoans, diatoms and fungi. Observe the birds, butterflies and other insects that make Wayanad Wild their home. Let the young minds question and understand the miracles of nature.
Ages 6 – 15 years

Little Chef

Let kids discover their inner Masterchefs with an interactive cooking class with our chefs. An exciting experiential and safe session in the kitchen where your little ones will learn while having fun.
Ages 8 to 15 years

Malabar kitchen

Wayanad Wild’s master chefs share some of their skills with you at the evening cookery classes. Here you will learn the secrets of traditional Kerala cooking. And of course, you will enter the magical world of Indian spices. What they are, how to use them, combine them, and savour the special magic they bring to even the most commonplace foods. Best of all, your friends at home will be cardamom green with envy once you return with your new-found secrets.

Silent Sahyadris

The Silent Sahyadris offer Magnificient views from the top that take your breath away. Walkthrough unexplored wilderness and across aromatic coffee plantations to explore the many secrets of the mountains.
Ages 12 years and above.

Zip on down and walk back up

For the adrenaline-driven we recommend a rapid transit via zip-line through a tea plantation and over the Western Ghats. You can wander back up leisurely from the landing point, walking slowly through tea bushes. There are two zipline points, and depending on the ground conditions, they switch between the two. The starting points of the activity are located 45 mins and 80 mins drive away from the resort.
Ages 12 years and above.
Not recommended for those with medical conditions.

Biking in the hills

The beckoning green slopes of the Wayanad hills offer beautiful opportunities for cycling enthusiasts. Be energised by the fresh mountain air and captivating vistas as you cycle around verdant hill slopes and lush tea plantations. The starting point of the activity is located 45 mins drive away from the resort.
Subject to weather conditions.
Age limit: Above 12 years.

Bamboo rafting

A gentle ride on the Anoth river with beautiful views of the river and the overhanging bamboo thickets. Whether you are 5 or 75, a glide through the crystal clear waters of Anoothupuzha on a bamboo raft awaits. The starting point of the activity is located 45 mins drive away from the resort.
Subject to weather conditions.
Open to all. Children below 12 must be accompanied by a parent.

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