Kurumbalakkotta Sightseeing Wayanad

Kurumbalakkotta Sightseeing Wayanad

Kurumbalakkotta Sightseeing Wayanad is a tranquil location that has a unique spellbound green beauty with thrilling winding roads amidst the tea plantations. In the early morning time when the sun is about to rise, the mist-covered locations are indeed an enthralling one to witness.

Kurumbalkotta has a history to trace back, which says that a Kota or fort belonging to a Kurumba caretaker was located there on the hill to spy on the enemies or spot movement from up above. But there are no traces of fort found in the nearby vicinity.

Kurumbalakkotta Sightseeing Wayanad is a monolith hillock which is at a height of 3220ft above sea level offering an enduring view of the skirted greenery which is layering the mountain. The mesmerising sunrise is a must-see and quench-in experience. The verdurous valleys and the dreamy landscapes from up above the hillock is unspoiled heaven brimming with the affluence of precipitous beauty that captivates a traveller. The beckoning beauty from up above till the ground level as far as the eyes can see in a grand one. The fall of the early morning sun rays on the valley, which acclaimed the name Sunrise valley, on its spectacular view at Sunrise.

Unlike the other trekking locations, Kurumbalakotta offering a challenging walk uphill. Atop the hill, early morning the white misty layers and the fleeting view of the layering luscious greenery are indeed a worthwhile sight to witness. Early morning, one can witness the thick layer of mist that makes the low lying valleys invisible. The sunrise and the sunsets are the never missing scenes to be embalmed in your memories from Wayanad.

From Kurumbalakotta, one can witness the first rays of the sun falling on the distant Chembra peak, which is magnificent.

Around 4 am, the hill is filled with people, who climb abode to witness the first glimpse of the sun-rays. In most of the peak seasons, the hill is filled with tourist both during the sunrise and the sunset. In the stretch of visibility, one can see the hidden caves which are rimmed by the forests and also the small waterfalls which makes the valley magnificent. The Venniyodu river rimmed around the mountain is like a chain girdled on the waist of the mountain gurgling down its way to the valleys.



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