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Wayanad Family Package 2 Days

Discover the secrets of the Kuruva – the communities and the land they live in. Enjoy a superb ‘ela sadya’ and visit the “Kashi of the South”

6hrs | Hike | Easy, Family Friendly | Except Monsoon | North Wayanad

Jungle, culture, tribal temple, paddy fields, bamboo raft river crossing, temple visit

Our walk will take us through the nearby jungle where your guide will be able to show you the wide variety of flora and fauna that abound here. We will also visit an ancient tribal temple hidden in a little clearing deep in the woods. These temples are sacred to the Thirumugham, Elliampath, Cheriyamala and Kandamala communities who maintain these temples. See Discover an abode of tranquility and happiness on our blog for more information about these temples.We will then wander down into the paddy fields that adjoin the Kuruva islands – many of these are tended by local tribal communities, who cultivate a very rare, delicate strain of rice, called “gandhakashala”. This endemic strain of rice is famed for it’s fragrance, but unfortunately, is becoming increasingly hard to find.

Our walk ends at the Kabini river, which we will cross on bamboo rafts. On the other side, a sumptuous ‘ela sadya’ awaits at a local home – this is included as part of the day’s experience. Umesh and Lizzie, who run the Aswathy mess, have received rave reviews for their lunch, including being published in a global newsletter by Kuoni.

Post the well deserved lunch, we can drive down to the Thirunelli temple, about 30 mins away. This temple is called the “Kashi of the South” and has been mentioned in texts dating back over a thousand years. The drive to the temple is an experience in itself, as it winds through the pretty Begur and Tholpetty wildlife sanctuaries – keep your eyes open for elephants are commonly spotted here, especially in the early mornings and evenings.

We will return to your accommodation in the evening.

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Wayanad Family Packages – 2 Days

Frequently asked questions

What is the best time to travel to Wayanad?

We say that any time is best to visit Wayanad. If you are a foreigner who wishes to have more sunlight, October to May is the best time to visit Wayanad. Similarly, if you are an Indian who looks to travel more with packed sightseeing from September to May is be the ideal time. If you are a honeymooner to enjoy Wayanad greenery at its fullest, June to November is the best time. Finally, If you are looking for Ayurveda monsoon is the best time. This is why we have season round the year.

How many days should I plan for Wayanad?

If there any destination in the world where you can explore City life, Hill stations, Wildlife, Spiritual destinations all in a radius of 100 km there is only one destination and that is Wayanad. Similarly is the case of tourism products like Ayurveda and Village life.

Which places should I visit in Wayanad?

It depends on the customers choice. Share your interest in travel to our executive and we will design the best package within the time frame and value for money.

Which is a good place in Wayanad for leisure and Ayurveda?

Almost all the destinations in Wayanad have the facility of having ayurvedic treatment. But mainly it depends on the type of treatment you choose, the budget you have to spend, the type of accommodation you prefer and the destination of your choice. Wayanad Government had giving accreditation to Ayurveda centres across Wayanad. Ask your travel agent and they will guide you. But if you are coming for treatment of specific illness or for 7 – 14 days rejuvenation treatment there are hotels and resorts who provide authentic Ayurveda. Based on your profile we can suggest good hotels/resorts at a better price.

Is Wayanad safe for female travellers?

Yes, Wayanad is 100% safe for the female traveller. Book your tour through an accredited tour operator of Wayanad as they have accountability.

Is it good to visit Wayanad in the monsoon?

If you are a honeymooner to enjoy Wayanad greenery at its fullest, June to November is the best time. Did you ever see the rain moving from one side of the hills to the other side, the rainwater falling in the lakes? Come to Wayanad in monsoon season. If you are an old age couple, want to have a spiritual tour or a leisure tour August to May is the best season. Finally, If you are looking for Ayurveda monsoon is the best time.

Uber available in Wayanad?

There is no Uber / Ola Service in Wayanad

How is the climate in Wayanad? What should I pack for Wayanad?

Temperature in Wayanad varies from destination to destination. But generally speaking, light cotton clothes and a cooling glass are suitable for Wayanad’s warm humid climate. If you are travelling in the rainy season, keep a rainwear and walking chappals. Most of the destinations in Wayanad is plastic-free. So keep a reusable water bottle. Many hotels will fill your water bottle with RO water on request free of charge.

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