In the deep reaches of Wayanad in Kerala, there is a lush green paradise where adventure meets serenity. With its towering trees, rolling hills and canopy of clouds, 900 (Thollayiram) Kandi in Wayanad is an enchantress. Here, you just waltz into the sky! At 900 Kandi, the magic begins.
In the local dialect, “Thollayiram” means “900”, while “Kandi” means “a patch of land”, pointing to the 900-acre undiscovered forest and hill area that constitutes Thollayiram Kandi in Wayanad. That is over 900 acres of lush green foliage wrapped in utter serenity just lying there, waiting to be explored by adventure seekers and young nature lovers.

900 Kandi has a rare mystery to it. For those with a head for heights, this is the place to be. The adventure zone created in the midst of the woods offers you a plethora of adrenaline-triggering activities.

The journey begins with an off-road trip, taking you on a whirlwind of a ride through the woods. En route, you chance upon glorious waterfalls, bewitching swamps, and angelic locations. After a ride, weaving through the mystic woods, you reach the seat of adventure.

The glass bridge at this spot is noted for the skywalk it offers. It lets you walk right into the sky and stare into the panoramic tapestry of blue and green. If you are still up for an adventure, you must amble up the magnificent treehouse that looks as if it scrapes the sky.

900 Kandi also offers a host of trekking options. For those who want to experience the beauty of this wild paradise, the best way is to be on foot. There is no adventure greater than hiking through this green wonderland to discover 900 Kandi’s matchless beauty.


The winter and autumn season in kerala from october to march is the most ideal time to explore this hidden treasure. there is cool, pleasant,weather at this time of the year along with lush greenery, chirping birds,rivers, waterfalls,blue sky with dotted white clouds. wild animals can be seen roaming around tiny streams and ponds.