sky cycling

Ride a bicycle on a rope suspended in the air at height of 30ft from the ground level and covers a total rope track distance of around 328ft. Adventure seekers will love to enjoy this extremely new activity as they can also experience the bird’s eye view of the scenery around.

Cycling in the sky? Well, almost correct. But how can you cycle in the sky? Is there not a phenomenon called gravity? Of course there is, you definitely don’t cycle in the air as if it’s space.

Sky Cycling is basically an adventure sport where one has to ride a bicycle on a rope which is suspended in the air. It includes all the necessary safety measures and allows the cyclists to enjoy the scenic beauty from the top while they ride their bicycle.

Sky Cycling is a perfect activity for those who are fond of adventures and for those who do not have the fear of heights. If you don’t like adventures or suffer from acrophobia, then this is certainly not something you would enjoy.
Many forms of cycling like track cycling, road cycling, BMX and MTB are hugely popular amongst cyclists, but the form which has yet not gained as much popularity as it should is Sky Cycling.

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