Kerala’s longest zipline in wayanad

The zip line we talk about is the longest zipline in Kerala and South India’s second-longest.Which is situated across the Kerlad lake.This beautifully maintained zipline is managed by highly trained adventure groups and is one of the best places for zipline in wayanad.

zip line wayanadThis line is around three-hundred meters long and spans over some thickest forest covers of Wayanad. The zipline is on the must-do thing in Wayanad for every traveler.

Once your safety equipment is installed, the swift zipline will fly you over green plantations and tall trees. The company managing this deals with the customers very professionally and promises the utmost safety. People of all ages can hop on and give ziplining in Wayanad a chance.

This great experience comes for a very affordable price of only INR 250/- per person. This pocket friendly price for ziplining in Wayanad will encourage you to take a shot at it more than once on your trip. The zipline is open from 9 AM to 6 PM. The ideal time for ziplining is later in the evening so the sun’s glare is milder. It will also make for a great photo opportunity. The location can be easily found on the online map, you will spot it from afar before you get there. For obvious reasons, the zipline is not advisable at night since. The weather could also play a huge factor. The best time to go ziplining in Wayanad is during the summers.

Highlights of zipping in wayanad

  • The speed of the zipline will be faster than you expect, so make sure to enjoy the ride rather than worry about photos or a selfie.
  • The location is 4 kilometers away from the main city of Wayanad.
  • If it’s your first time ziplining, then be aware that you are not expected to hold on the whole time. The harness will be attached to a comfortable saddle that you will sit on and holding the rope is advised to avoid you from flipping or swinging.
  • Try to avoid ziplining during strong wind or rainy season as these are not safe conditions for the activity.
  • The safety equipment will include a rugged helmet to keep your head safe from any impact, a pair of mittens to avoid you from scratching your hands and a safety harness.




Wayanad is also famous for its ranches and natural life. Among the most beautiful regions of Kerala, Wayanad has a large number of options for its guests.

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