glass bridge 900 kandi

The scenic beauty of Wayanad is not just limited to its greenery and hills but also includes the glass bridge. The Glass Bridge is a 100-feet glass bridge situated on the top of a hill at 900 Kandi, Wayanad, Kerala. It is South India’s first glass bridge.

Constructed by a private company, this structure has captured the attention of many tourists as it looks very attractive and beautiful. This is because it has been made up of glass and has a unique design. Hence this glass bridge became a tourist attraction for people of all ages. It offers an amazing view of the valley below and the mountains around it.

The idea behind constructing this bridge was to help visitors get a better view of the surrounding area while crossing over an otherwise inaccessible area filled with thick forestation. However, tourists are allowed to use the glass walkway only during daytime hours as there is no lighting on it at night time due to safety reasons. The bridge at 900 Kandi is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Wayanad. The bridge is made of glass and is surrounded by mountains on all sides. This makes it a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature and also to spend some time alone. Venue: 900 Kandi, Wayanad, Kerala, India.



Wayanad Sightseeing PlacesWayanad is also famous for its ranches and natural life. Among the most beautiful regions of Kerala, Wayanad has a large number of options for its guests.

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